İngilizce Mail Nasıl Yazılır? Formal ve Informal Mail Örnekleri

İş, eğitim veya özel yaşamda bir arkadaşı davet etmek gibi farklı amaçlar için başvurulan İngilizce mail yazmak, bir hayli önemli değere sahiptir. Bu sebeple sizlere örnek teşkil etmesi için bu yazımızda özenle hazırladığımız İngilizce mail örneklerine yer vereceğiz. Bu yazımızdan sonra daha da ileri seviyede yazılmış portfolio örneklerine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Şimdi gelin örneklerimize geçelim.

İngilizce Mail Nasıl Yazılır?


Subject: About Your Newborn Child

Hello Ali,

How are you? I hope you are feeling good. I am writing about a subject. I learned last Tuesday. You have a girl child. This is very happy news. I feel happy. What did you name the girl? I can't wait to find out. What time do you have free time? I want to come to your home. You accept me, please. Also, how do you feel? This event I know this is very important. Because you waited for her months. You protected her for months. You fed it for months. How is your family feel? Your mother, father, grandfather... Can you send my best wishes to your family for me? Do we make of a celebration? I would like to join. I have a surprise for her. I ordered a gift. I want to give. If you read this message after please return an answer. I am always with you. Thank you for your time. Take care.

See you soon best wishes,

Ramazan Kara



Subject: I want more learn about exams and quizzes. I have questions. They are about in contents and status.

Dear Miss Yazkan,

I am sorry teacher. I am taking your time. My name is Ramazan Kara. I am a student in the    f-106 class. I have questions teacher. I am writing for more correct information. I saw it exams and quizzes calendar so I should do more work lessons. But I see. I am incomplete. We have next week an exam. This is for me very important. Teacher, we learned it from the book in the 5 units. Will we see it all in the exam? Teacher, can you help me with this subject?   I want to know. Will this exam be a classic or a test? I have another question. We are learning now A2-level English. I know we will see until B1 and B2 level English. How can we learn this status? Thank you for your time teacher. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ramazan Kara



How to Learn a Foreign Language?

There are many different ways to learn English. First of all, a person can watch movies in the English language. For example, a person can watch videos A1 level to learn English. This event gives the advantage to learn English. Secondly, you should work on grammar rules and vocabulary to learn English. You should often take practice. Finally, you can use the Duolingo application to learn English. For example, if you use an application to learn English this situation is an advantage for listening, grammar and vocabulary. In conclusion, you can try watching movies, work grammar, working on vocabulary and using Duolingo to learn English.



Why Is English Necessary?

English knowledge is very important for different reasons. First of all, English is necessary for a good job. For example, many people apply for work after people can win know the English language. Also, if a person wants to go abroad for a job this situation wants a person to know English. Secondly, English is necessary to learn more information from all sources. To read them. For example, if a person has less information and wants more to learn can look at the English website. Also if one person should read an article and a person should have more information can search for the English language. Finally, English is necessary of meet different cultures. For example, if one person wants to know the England culture can go to this country. Also, the person can make friends with different cultures. In conclusion, English knowledge is valuable for a good job, reading more information and meeting different cultures.



Qualities A Good Job Must Have

There are many different qualities that are necessary for a good job. First of all, a good job must have a good salary. For example, if a person gets a good salary is more motivated at work. if a person gets a good salary it could be a more useful workplace. Secondly, a good job must have average hours at work. Can be 8 hours. For example, if a person works average hours will be more effective in a job. A person makes better in the job. Finally, a good job must have some rules but shouldn’t reason problems for workers. For example, if one person works and has many problems can't be useful at the workplace. A person can't focus on his work. In conclusion, a good job must have a good salary, average hours at work and rules that shouldn’t reason problems for workers.

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